The Animal Town

Every year in the land of animals their is a day were every animal gives ideas to change the town. Hi i’m Bob and I am doing a speech today, I really think my ideas are good. But the elephant called Jerry¬† always gets the votes. The time had come to say my speech, “Good afternoon everyone I’m going to give you ideas for our town.” I gave my speech, but everyone started yelling at me. One chicken started to charge at me then the elephant delivered his speech, Then it was time to say who got the votes and…

2 thoughts on “The Animal Town

  1. Hi Jessica
    You have written a really interesting 100WC this week, using the prompt in a really natural way. I wonder why the elephant always got all the votes? The cliffhanger ending leaves the reader wondering too. Well done.
    Mrs P (Team 100WC)
    Wellington, New Zealand

  2. Hi Jessica
    I love your idea of all the animals voting! Can you take a look at your full stops and commas? I don’t think they are all quite in the right place, but I bet you know where they should go.
    Mrs Badge (Team 100WC)
    Leicester, England

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