Imaginary Land

In an imaginary land lived two kids. Sam and Lucy! One day they went for a walk down the road. The weird thing is everything was messed up! When they were walking they sore a racoon sitting on a chair eating a leaf! It looked humiliated when they sore him!

“Sam what is that?”

“I have no idea!”

They kept walking! Not long after they sore a box floating in the sky! I bet you haven’t seen that before! Things kept getting weirder so they decided to go home! When they got back they fell asleep! Finally things went back to normal the next day!!!

2 thoughts on “Imaginary Land

  1. A good night’s sleep seems to fix a lot of problems! Good job getting these five words to fit in the story.

    Keep writing!
    Mrs. Silver
    Team 100
    Illinois, USA

  2. Ha ha, maybe the fact that the kids lived in a imaginary land explains why all this weird stuff happened! I am still trying to picture what a humiliated raccoon looks like.

    Great job on setting out the dialogue with a new line each time. My wish on this piece is to reduce the amount of exclamation marks, as they can get a little overwhelming!


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