The Dark Night!

Have you ever experienced your worse nightmare? Well I have! here’s how. One day me and my family decided to go camping! It seemed like a good idea so we decided to go. When we were on the road i realized that it was going to be a full moon. We all know how scary they are! when we arrived it was as dark as coal! The only thing bright was the moon. It was beautiful! The only thing that was ruining the moment was a broken tree branch! “snap” goes the branch. “what was that?” I shouted in shock….

One thought on “The Dark Night!

  1. I really liked the way you turned your story from a happy family outing to a kinda scary evening. You used foreshadowing well by making reference to how scary full moons can be, and the way you involved your audience by speaking directly to them was an interesting touch as well.

    My wish here would be to hear a little more about the rest of the family and their involvement in the story, their reactions.

    Keep up the great work!

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