The Zoo

“Come on let’s go it will be fun”.”Fine but only because you want to’.”Yay okay get ready we will be leaving soon.” As we got ready and hoped in the car we sore a band playing music on the side of the road. They sang so many different songs. When we finally got to the zoo we sore a giraffe called dusty. We wanted to feed it so we went up to it and it bit me. It was painful. Also it ruined my favorite pink sweater. I was not very pleased so we decided to leave the grumpy giraffe alone. I HATE THE ZOO!

One thought on “The Zoo

  1. You got the prompt words in to the story very well, Jessica. The story flows really well. I love the idea of a giraffe called dusty! The use of capital letters for your final sentence is very effective. I think we really know how unhappy you were!

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